Radka Kamenická • Food Photography

Kristyjan Chocolatiers 2019-2021

A family-owned business in Prague, oferring a wide selection of hand-made pralines and other premium chocolate products. I am responsible for all photography since 2019.


Raw for You 2014-2015

A bistro in the Prague’s Dejvice district, since closed, which focused on a variety of raw food products. I was responsible for taking pictures of the entire menu, closely collaborating on the visual identity.

Website (archived)

Zapálená kuchařka 2006-2009

An edition of cookbooks focusing on a particular fruit or vegetable. I have closely collaborated with the author, Lenka Požárová, and took pictures of over 600 recipes in 10 books. The edition has won The Best Cookbook Serie in the World international award in 2007.